Podcast 60: How Caching Works

So, that is what we name browser cache. And that is the issues that expire simply. The server is giving the knowledge to the browser to say, okay, you should retailer this info for like two days, one month in your cache. So, subsequent time you’re going to go to the web site, you don’t must reload it once more as a result of a picture normally doesn’t change. So, that is what we known as browser caching. 

That is normally fairly straightforward to know however will be difficult. And, that is normally if you say, ‘Hey, have you ever cleared your cache? As a result of I don’t see the brand new picture or I don’t see the brand new web site’. It is because the browser nonetheless has the asset into the cache. So, this primary one and one of many different greatest we do is the WP Rocket, is what we name static cache. 

So, principally if you go into WordPress web site, WordPress goes to name rather a lot, do loads of MySQL request to say, ‘Hey, I would like the content material of the homepage. I’m a consumer linked. Okay. If sure, show me as further.” And so, the WP Rocket or every other static caching plugins retailer this info, so all the outcomes or the HTML outcome, which has been finished due to PHP and HTML. And retailer it as a static file, a easy HTML file.

And subsequent time when you’re going to the web site once more, it’s going to ship you straight this file. So, there is no such thing as a must do any sort of PHP, MySQL, which will be gradual. Subsequent time, it’s a static file which is delivered.”

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