Overwhelming illustrations put the web in your eyeballs

I don’t know what I simply checked out. It concerned a Nintendo 64 controller, that a lot is for sure. However then, what else? I imagine there have been dinosaurs? Devices? Disembodied breasts? I can’t say for sure. I simply bear in mind a psychedelic fever dream, one seen via a 13-year-old male gaze. Or maybe a glimpse into the id of the web itself.

[Illustration: Daniel Keogh]

That is what it’s wish to discover the work of Daniel Keogh, a 22-year-old self-taught illustrator out of Bendigo, Australia. His items are visible onslaughts of web memes, well-known cartoon characters, and an entire lot of different free-association 1990s child junk piled in, too.

“I suppose I’m simply going for a sensory overload, whether or not it’s by shade or sheer quantity of content material,” says Keogh. “I simply need my artwork to make individuals cease and look, to be so full of knowledge it’s simple.”

In one other body, I see a portrait of Jesus subsequent to an AR15, subsequent to a coconut drink, subsequent to the Fb Like button, subsequent to a pink sprinkled donut. It’s like piles and piles of the acquainted references of pop artists, informed via the lens of social media sensibilities. It’s just like the piece visualizes the day by day on-line wrestle of caring about gun management, another person’s seaside images, and a ‘grammable dessert all in split-second scrolling succession.

Cash Battle [Illustration: Daniel Keogh]

At first look, the items look like pure chaos, however whereas the content material is definitely random at instances, the way in which Keogh truly constructs his layouts is akin to making a mandala. Over three days of drawing with a pen, Keogh works from a middle point of interest outward, rigorously balancing either side with column shapes to make sure a way of construction and symmetry. (Colour is added digitally as soon as the ink is scanned into a pc.)

Meme Supreme [Illustration: Daniel Keogh]

His most putting montage could also be an awesome pile of heads known as Meme Supreme. It reveals each animated and cartoon character from the previous decade in a single gigantic body, from Arthur, to Naruto, to Bart Simpson, to Piccolo, to Pepe the Frog, to Yoshi. Throughout the body, Keogh effortlessly mocks anime and PBS cartoons alike. “Numerous my earliest recollections are sitting at kitchen tables attempting to duplicate photos from Mad Journal, so I feel that’s the place the power to attract cartoons has come from,” says Keogh.

You could find extra of Keogh’s work on Instagram. He additionally sells prints starting at $135 apiece.

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